Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Books Membership

Last week I took membership of Just Books library. It’s a chain of libraries with operations in two cities, Pune and Bangalore. If I am not wrong, they started their operations in Bangalore about a year and a half or two back and within a short time, they have grown into a big library chain with outlets in strategic places covering most of Bangalore. I don’t know whether their Pune network is as wide.

They distribute a free magazine laid on the concierge’s table for visitors to pick up. It carries book reviews and pieces on various literary activities they take up. I asked the counter person who helped me with membership formalities how the outlet is doing. He said they have a good base of members.

There are a few aspects, I think, Just Books can work on. There is no consistent decorative theme that runs through the outlets. Each is different from other. Probably having the same decorative pattern across outlets would give them stronger brand identity. Their collection is not very deep but contains some books of almost all genres. Probably they will improve it overtime.


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Indrashish,

Thanks fr this informative post.. i look forward for it in Pune.

JanieSeventeen said...

Hi Indra
That sounds really interesting. Do you have what we call 'public libraries'? Ours are funded by the government but are undergoing huge cutbacks at the moment due to the country's ailing financial situation.
Perhaps you could get involved in the new venture as it sounds like you have some good ideas for marketing - maybe you could offer book reviews/writing too!

indrablog said...

Hi Pramoda,
Try it out in Pune, it's good.

Hi Janie,
Yes, I know the UK govt is cutting expenses to imporve the economy...and I have read about David Camaron proposing cutbacks on libraries...that's sad.

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