Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday Rains and Wisdom Tooth

Of the seven days in a week, I await Saturdays the most. And when a Saturday goes wrong, it leaves me sulking until another arrives. This Saturday was one such Saturday.

This Saturday I had an appointment with a dentist whose chamber is located very far from where I stay. The appointment was at 6:30 in the evening and a few hours before that, he SMSed me postponing it by one hour – at 7:30. A little before I was to start for his chamber, it began to drizzle with an overcast sky promising heavy downpour later.

Undeterred, I walked out into the road and stepped into an auto. A few minutes into the auto ride, and the rain got steadier. It didn’t take very long for the roads to get wet and the potholes to be filled with water. I could also hear a storm piercing the noise of the rain.

The auto entered the neighborhood of Frazer Town, where the dental chamber was located, and found a traffic jam awaiting it. The rain eased and the storm passed after sometime leaving the air thick and humid.

The lane that connects Frazor Town with the area was blocked, and a flock of men stood around something. “What’s the matter,” I asked a person. “The storm felled a tree blocking the lane, “he replied.

I decided to leave the auto and walk to the clinic. I approached an elderly man to ask the direction. He said walking would take a long time, but it was the only option as the buses and autos going that way had got stranded in the jam.

I was in an old part of Bangalore with decrepit houses, cheap restaurants and dark narrow lanes. And the rain had made it worse. The pavements were dirty and narrow; I had to pick my way through stranded vehicles.

After around an hour, well past the scheduled time, I was at the clinic. About three years ago I had a root canal therapy done on one of my teeth – and had a porcelain crown mounted on it. The crown, being an artificial structure, had not fitted in properly with the other teeth around it forming small crevices that attracted food deposits. The tooth is located on the upper side in front of a wisdom tooth. If the wisdom tooth was extracted, it would solve the problem, Dr Donald said.

A wisdom tooth doesn't participate in any important activity like chewing, for example. And many people either don’t have them naturaly or have them plucked, he assured. I’m yet to make up my mind whether I want to part with mine.

I left the chamber at 10 PM, and by the time I reached home, it was 11, only an hour short of the end of Saturday. Many in Mumbai would say 11 in the evening is when a day starts - but Bangalore is forced to go to bed earlier by law-enforcement agencies.


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Indrashis, good read.. bt yaa understood the saturday mania..:)

by the way, what are the law enforcement agencies in blore? sounds interesting!!

wisdomw tooth.. head the same problm frm many frnds.. hope evrything is fine nw..

Take care.

indrablog said...

Hi Pramoda,
Nice to see you here. Ya, the police in Bangalore raids shops that remain open beyond 11 PM. Everything is all right. How about you?

Ellen said...

Hi Indra,

Oh yes, I can relate with your Saturday musings. :-) I love Saturdays too.

Gosh what a Saturday that was!! You got it all stacked up in one day. Poor you!

But you survived it! Three cheers for Indra! :-)

KParthasarathi said...

First visit thro Ellen's.
Enjoyed reading the post and admired your tenacity in reaching the dentist despite all the odds

indrablog said...

Hi Elen,
Yes, that was a difficult day - everyting seemed to coming together. Thanks for stopping by.

indrablog said...

Hi Partha,
Thanks for your visit. Yes, I had to go through a lot to ge there.

You Did Whaaat?! said...

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