Friday, September 18, 2009

Wet Luck

I like to think of myself as a rationalist and usually dismiss the beliefs and arguments that are not supported by logic. Luck is one of them. Although I feel tempted to blame my failures and disappointments on things like luck (or lack of it) and destiny, I usually find out a logical reason later and discard my earlier assumptions. But sometimes no matter how hard I try, the irrational luck prevails over hard-headed logic.

Today was one such day. We had scheduled a team lunch. We had decided to meet at office and go to the venue together.

Before getting ready, I looked at the sky and it looked like it might rain any moment. I thought I would carry my umbrella and once I would step into an auto, the challenge of rain would be reined.

By the time I finished my bathing, it was raining noisily. When I looked out the rain met my expectation. The road was deserted and the vehicles were splattering away with the logged water around them swelling up and collapsing again.

Only a few hours ago it was a bright morning, I thought.

As I stepped out of my building, I held the umbrella up and pressed the switch. As the umbrella unfurled with defiance, I stepped into the puddle gently causing ripples but no splash. I waved at an auto and shouted out my destination to the driver. The auto went and stood a little ahead.

As I got into the vehicle, I thought I had trumped over the challenge. I started craving for the lunch.

The main road was submerged in rain water. The auto waded thorough the logged water and then suddenly came to a halt. The water had sipped into the engine.

I gave my umbrella to the driver and asked him to check if he could revive the engine. The driver went out and came back again. He pulled the gear up forming a semi circle but the engine refused to rev.

We sat in the auto and the poor auto stood with its wheels sunk in the brown water. Heavy vehicles passed by sending sheets of water dashing against us.

The driver said until the rain stopped and the machine dried up, it would not start. We tried flagging down autos so that I could go, but not a single one obliged.

Finally, I waved at an auto going in the reverse direction towards my house – and it stopped. I went to the other side of the road, got into it and headed home.


Being Pramoda... said...

Ayyoo u had lunch that day at ur home??

:(..Yaa some times its wet luckk..:) ...once we strted for shopping, but the stopping factor wasnot rain, but was the hottest sun ever..:(..we headed home silently .>:( ..

any way it happens..:)

indrablog said...

Hi Pramoda,
Sadly i had to eat Dosa and Chai. It was most unexpected. Some of my colleagues thought I didn't want to come and was just giving an excuse.

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Indrashish,

Plz collect ur award frm my blog ..:)


Ellen said...

Hi Indrasish,

I don't know but I don't really believe in 'luck'. No matter the circumstances, I don't think luck has anything to do with it.

Heyy thanks for coming by the blog. 'Been quite awhile; everything okay I hope. :-)

indrablog said...

Hi Elen,
Ok. Nice to see you here.

I visited your blog after sometime because I was taken up by some other things and had kept my blog activities to minimum for a while. It was nice visitng your blog again.

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