Monday, August 31, 2009

Do They Happen to You?

I struggle to do certain things although apparently they appear very simple. However much I resolve to get them right or avoid them next time, I fail and repeat them.

And, as there are no clear guidelines available on what is the right approach to take, it becomes all the more difficult to decide what to do.

I am sure many among you, like me, find them difficult, too.

Socializing is perhaps the most difficult thing to do, especially with people whom you are neither fully familiar nor completely unfamiliar with. In office, on road or in any such neutral venue, when I run into a person I’m partially familiar with, I struggle to decide what to do. I don’t know the person enough to engage in a conversation; yet, I have to acknowledge my familiarity with the person.

So what do I do? Snap a quick smile, a ‘hi’ and walk past? Or keep quite and pretend I didn’t notice the person, and go?

The problem with the first approach is if the person doesn’t acknowledge you in return, you might feel bad. The problem with the second approach is the person might feel you tried to ignore him/her.

Stamping out angry thoughts in the morning
In the morning until I leave my bed, my mind is cluttered with snippets of bitter memories - like snubs, minor betrayals, letdowns, etc. - rising from the inner recesses of the mind and gushing forth. Maybe this happens with many of us because our mind, I have read, remains at its sharpest in the morning.

As these unpleasant experiences tumble forth, I counter them with retorts but my angry flashes hit the bed sheet covering my face and return to me again. Strangely, once I leave the bed and get involved in other activities the mind becomes calm.

Making a choice
When I have to make a choice and the options are marginally different from each other, indecision sets in. When I settle on a choice, the other options look better and a series of negatives come to mind about the option I had chosen. When I drop the option, the negatives somehow fade into the background and the option starts looking better again.

I know it is indecision and I have heard advices on how to be decisive, but they feel effective only until I have to make a choice again.

I am sure these things happen to most of us (although some don’t want to admit they happento them) and we try to counter them as we think best, but the problems linger. I have been living with these for very long and don’t remember a day I didn’t think they were silly and that the next day I wouldn’t let them bother me. But I did.

What about you?


Kram said...

Regarding stamping out angry thoughts in the morning, I have heard that its best to do some yoga and breathing exercises in the morning, it helps calm the mind. I however struggle to shrug off sleep as I awake in the morning. :)

hmmm indecision is a complex area and i feel it bothers folks who tend to be perfectionists. I am no new age guru nor do I have the answers to everything but am some one who makes mistakes along the way and learns from them. Like they say if you want to learn swimming, one must be ready to get wet. So when faced with myriad choices thus compounding decision time, i feel its best to make a decision and go ahead...I prefer living through of making the wrong decision and learning from it than not making a decision at all. They say entreprenuers are the best decision makers as they operate under high risk. My take is that if they can risk so much, then we can risk a bit also. So when concerned with a decision, go ahead and make it (more inputs at this stage will lead to delay), if the decision you have made is wrong, then atleast one has the satisfaction of learning something from the future...

indrablog said...

Hi Kram,
Thanks for your advices. I like the entrepreneur part and I agree with it.

Once a professor at my institute had pointed out during a class that I am indecisive - I don't know how he had done that.

I have been recommended Yoga by doctors but I haven't taken to it yet. Probably sometime in the future I will do.

Thanks for visiting.

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Insrashish,

good post. I agree with uregarding the first one, socializing, I too face same problem..;(

The second one, ahh..bed time tha ttoo in the early morning..i dream about many good things that happen to me..heheh inspires my day..the secret is, many times i woke up early just to imagine many good situations heh..:)

Decision making...haa, i believe i'm good at it..:)

And one more i would like to add, that is to do execise in the told me to do, but my time is consumed my good silly and naughty thoughts lying on the bed in the early morning ..:(...


Pramoda Meduri said...

Sorry for mispelling ur name in previous comment, Indrashis...

indrablog said...

Hi Pramoda,
Yes, I know, most people find it difficult to socialize but I have seen many do it very easily...I think it's a personality thing.

It's the same here about exercise...I want to start that too but by the time I leave my bed it's too late.

No problem with name spelling.

I visited your blog yesterday but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. I liked the news-based blog of yours.

Thanks for visiting.

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